Training Ideas

How do you train your horse? Do you go for the dominance school which suggests that the most effective method of training horses is to be the “alpha” of the herd and “lets them know who’s the boss” or do you approach training differently, from a personality of warmth?

If you are like me, you’ve probably had trainers who ran the spectrum of both methodologies. You’ve also, maybe, been exposed to horses that only respond one way or another (much like people, one might argue). Yet, new research seems to indicate that the dominance school is not the approach to take and that a horse doesn’t view people as part of the “herd” so thinking you have to be the “alpha” horse is actually counterintuitive to getting the best from your horse. You can read the article here: “Dominance in Human-Horse Relationships.”

What do you think? What works best for you?

September Show Date Set – September 19th

Mark your calendars! Our September show date is September 19th at the Bucks County Horse Park (our usual show venue) and this year we will be trying to raise funds for Turning for Home Racehorse Retirement Project. You can find out more about this program from the Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association on their web site. If you have any suggestions for improving the show or things you would like to see added, please let us know. We try to make improvements every time we do one of these. And, please, also remember we are essentially volunteers who put this on; our goal is to turn this into a successful non-profit providing show opportunities for newly rehomed thoroughbreds or thoroughbreds new to English riding, jumping, hunt seat equitation, or dressage. Your support is very welcome and we look forward to hearing from you.

UPDATE! Don’t forget to register by Saturday for dressage!

The prize list is now up as are the updated rules and regulations! Thanks for your patience and we can’t wait to see you on September 13th! DON’T FORGET! If you are planning to do dressage, your entry must be postmarked by THIS SATURDAY, September 6th so we can get the schedule straight and give you a good approximate time for your test.