Training Ideas

How do you train your horse? Do you go for the dominance school which suggests that the most effective method of training horses is to be the “alpha” of the herd and “lets them know who’s the boss” or do you approach training differently, from a personality of warmth?

If you are like me, you’ve probably had trainers who ran the spectrum of both methodologies. You’ve also, maybe, been exposed to horses that only respond one way or another (much like people, one might argue). Yet, new research seems to indicate that the dominance school is not the approach to take and that a horse doesn’t view people as part of the “herd” so thinking you have to be the “alpha” horse is actually counterintuitive to getting the best from your horse. You can read the article here: “Dominance in Human-Horse Relationships.”

What do you think? What works best for you?

Jumping Clinic with Jimmy Wray November 23

Round 2 Thoroughbred Horse Shows is proud to announce a jumping clinic with renowned rider Jimmy Wray. Cost is $50 for those riding and $10 for those auditing at the Bucks County Horse Park (you can find directions here), 8934 Easton Road – Revere, PA 18953. Download the entry form in Microsoft Word here: 121119JimmyWrayClinic-3 and email it back to Nancy Denver at This clinic is not restricted to thoroughbreds. If you want to improve your performance, join us this Friday!

About Jimmy Wray

Jimmy Wray is a professional horseman with more than 40 years experience buying, selling, training and showing both horses and ponies.

Jimmy specializes in green horses and often retrains ex-racehorses. Jimmy states, “I’ve bought a lot of stallions and gelded them to make show horses.” Several of these horses have made it into the top ranks of show jumping including Bold Pisces who competed successfully at the Grand Prix level. Here’s Jimmy’s training philosophy in his own words, “I like to get a horse really soft and balanced to the jumps. The horses need to be really relaxed to get the best jump out of them. When they’re soft and relaxed, they can just rock back and fire off the ground. Then they’re jumping really well.”

Jimmy has also successfully worked to bring ex-racehorses to the hunter ring. He once purchased a three year-old that later became AHSA horse of the year.

Jimmy is currently working with several riders training them and their mounts for both the hunter and jumper show rings. Several of his students have made it to the Grand Prix level already.