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The Round 2 Thoroughbred Horse Show, LLC is in our second year, and our first show of the season is June 1, 2013. We will also host a fall show September 21, 012. Our all-thoroughbred horse shows are specifically designed to retrain ex-racehorses for a competitive second career.

This year, in addition to Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.) and thoroughbred only divisions, the horse show will also feature “Open” divisions for either confirmed thoroughbreds or thoroughbreds with no tattoo or those that have lost Jockey Club papers. Verification will be determined by the veterinarian’s description on the coggins test. In other words, if the veterinarian’s description of the horse on the coggins test says the horse is a thoroughbred, despite a lack of a tattoo or Jockey Club papers for proof, that horse will be eligible for Open competition. They will be identified with the use of a BLUE number, and will not be eligible for thoroughbred only classes, or those classes sponsored by the T.I.P. No thoroughbred crossbred or non-thoroughbred horses will be eligible for entry in any class.

We also plan to have a BUY AMERICAN campaign to be held during the lunch break in the jumper ring. This is designed to highlight and give visibility for those horses offered for sale to a “forever home.”

Please support our efforts to help us save these horses through sponsorship. We have several levels of Horse Show sponsorship available, as detailed below. Non-sponsorship donations, in any amount, are also gratefully accepted and donors will be acknowledged in the prize list. We would like to thank you in advance. Your compassionate contribution will help ensure that no horse is left behind.

The actual prize list will have the sponsor’s name printed in conjunction with the division, class, champion or reserve champion sponsored. We are also offering advertising space. Standard business card ads will be an approximate duplicate of your business card. If you would like to purchase ad space please include two business cards with your order. Should you decide to place a display ad, please forward all contact information and we will consult with you regarding your graphic design needs. It has been said that horses lend us the wings we lack; we can repay that loan by committing to rescue and re-home every horse in need.

Sponsorship Details:
Cost to sponsor a division: $500.00.
Cost to sponsor a championship and reserve championship: $200.00.
Cost to sponsor a class: $100.00

Cost for a full page in our brochure (approximately 9.5”H x 6.5”W): $100.00
Cost for a half page in brochure (approximately 4.75”H x 6.5”W): $50.00
Cost for a quarter page in brochure (4.75”H x 3.25”W): $25.00
Cost for a business card size ad in our brochure: $10.00

Please make checks payable to:
Round 2 Thoroughbred Horse Show LLC

You can send your sponsorship and/or advertising information or donations to:
Round 2 Thoroughbred Horse Show LLC
P.O. Box 185
Coopersburg, PA

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