Rules & Regs

STARTING TIME: Schooling over fences will be allowed in hunter ring prior to the start of the show, and during the lunch break, only. There will be NO SCHOOLING allowed  between divisions.

FEES: Pre-entries $15.00 must be paid in full not later than Setember 6, 2014. $18.00 post entries per class. No post entries accepted for dressage unless there is a cancellation. Entry form will not be accepted unless signed by owner/agent, trainer, rider and/or legal guardian of minor. A hard copy of a current negative coggins test (within one calendar year) is required. TB’s with no T.I.P. and OPEN horses will be assigned a BLUE number, and eligible for OPEN CLASSES ONLY. Buy American Campaign: Entry Fee $5.00. Anyone with a sale horse must register in the office with a short statement about your horse. RED numbers for TB, & BLUE numbers for undocumented TB’s and open horses. $5.00 fee returned for horses not competing, with number return.

THERE WILL BE 2 MINUTES ON THE GATE: you have 2 minutes to enter the ring after the prior horse exits, or you will be eliminated. No exceptions. Conflicts between rings must be settled in advance.

GENERAL RULES: 1) Horse show will run rain or shine. In the event of extreme weather conditions the show may be cancelled. Please check online at 2) All dogs must be on a leash, 3) Appropriate schooling attire required, ASTM certified helmets, heeled boots, and a collared shirt are required, 4) Round 2 Thoroughbred Horse Show, LLC, it’s owners, operators, employees, contractors, or any other entities will not be responsible for loss, damage, or injury to any person, animal, or property of exhibitors or spectators occurring at the show.   

T.I.P. logoTHOROUGHBRED ONLY: NEW for 2014 – Riders and owners must obtain a T.I.P. number for all horse/rider combinations. T.I.P. number applications are available in the program or done online at T.I.P. numbers must be provided to the horse show.

Eligibility – Only Thoroughbreds that have been registered with The Jockey Club or a foreign Thoroughbred stud book recognized by The Jockey Club are eligible to participate in Thoroughbred classes. Riders and owners should obtain a T.I.P. number for all horse/rider combinations. T.I.P. number applications are done online at T.I.P. numbers must be provided to the horse show.

LEAD LINE: Open to riders ages 1-8. They may not enter any other class.


Disobedience (Touch of any obstacle, ground line, jump standard or wing, flag, or any other designated marker with any part of the horses body or the riders body)                                                                       1 fault   

Knockdown of any obstacle, or part of the course                              4 faults

Refusal, run-out, circling, loss of forward motion                              4 faults

Falls of horse or rider, or off course                                                      elimination    

Time will be converted to faults

COURSE DESIGN: All jumps in both hunter and jumper rings will have ground lines. Any oxer, whether in hunter or jumper ring, will not be wider than height of jump. No square oxers.  

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