Time to start training

We all make goals at the beginning of the year and hope to achieve them before the next winter season rolls around. What are your goals this year? Now that the weather is starting to cooperate, are you getting out there and training? If so what are your tips and tricks for easing back into the saddle? Let us know and we will post them here.

Spring is coming!

Well, if your barn is anything like ours, it’s been a very strange winter. Just when we thought, maybe, winter was over, the temperature dropped and the wind picked up, and the blankets went back on.

We are looking forward to warmer weather, a new start and hopefully a successful year. How about you? What are your plans for this year? What would you like to do this year? What are your goals?

Regretfully, we are cancelling the September 19th Horse Show

It is with a heavy heart that we regret cancelling our September 19th Horse Show. This year has been really tough for us as organizers. We want to make sure everyone has a fantastic experience and we knew it would be hard to pull that off this year with our collective calendars but we were game to give it a try. Unfortunately, several personal circumstances are making it too hard to accomplish.

We want everyone to realize that we didn’t want to make this call but for the good of the horse show, our sponsors, and our volunteer staff, we decided it would be better to cancel this year.

We hope you understand; we do this out of love for our thoroughbreds and to showcase second career options for off-track thoroughbreds. We¬†want this to be the best experience for you and your horses too and we knew we couldn’t make that happen for you this year but are going to try our hardest to make that dream a reality next year.

We hope you will participate in the future and we thank you for all your past support. May you have a great show season this summer and fall.